Current Itemization

Hello fellow Dawngate fans! Feramah here with thoughts on the current items in Dawngate. As you know, the game is currently only in beta and so this article is far from complaining about the items in any way,shape, or form. Currently the game boasts six main items that build into various other items, (Dawnsource has a wonderful page where you can browse said items), my thoughts on current items pertain to the lack of different builds we are currently presented with. Now once again, this is merely a constructive piece on itemization and what could be right down the road in release.

As you know, the main form of attack is Power, if you’re playing any role at all and wish to do damage then it all comes to Power. This is simplistic and not at all bad in any way though I feel that due to how limited we are on items, it makes current builds between certain roles and arch-types not so different.

As someone who has been playing in the beta for a couple of months, I still haven’t really moved from using the recommended list on shapers too much; as a result of the low selection of items. However many times I do not find myself wishing I had built differently than what was recommended for me. The recommended list is rather well done, at the same time as it gives you core items, offensive, and defensive ones at the same time; allowing you to build to suit your matchup. I do realize being in beta, items should not be targeted harshly as I am more than sure we will see more. Right now though, many people building similarly. I am aware some people deviate from this and come up with unique builds, but once again I point that with so few items at the moment you still run the risk of duplicate builds.

I would feel bad if I did not point out the poor item tree that is Hunger, it only has two item outputs, and even then the choices get even lower. I feel Hunger of all the starting items, could use some expansion upon,  to perhaps mix things up, after all we are missing a Hunger item that also has MR on it. Aside from hunger I would say every item is useful in its own way, and they might have to spice things up stat wise to hopefully prevent stale builds.

There has been question on my mind though if they will stick with Power as the only modifier for plain damage, I would think it is doubtful, but due to the beta state of the game it very well could happen (though I would not read too much into this thought unless you enjoy it). Comparing to other MOBA’s many do have a distinction between two separate powers that modify either physical or magic damage, not that Dawngates way is lacking or anything, as I find it brings a nice change of pace. I hazard to think it might be nice to change up more Shapers in the future and have their abilities scale off different stats even though I could see why this might not sit well with many players.

Personally I would love to see more items soon, maybe items similar to  Destruction, but perhaps with a different passive on it. Overall the items could use more optimization and I feel that they will be in the future. Until then, it is fun to talk about what items we would like to see added and maybe changes to existing ones, as that is part of the job in being a beta tester. So do not be afraid in the comments below to throw out your own opinions and give some feedback on items you would like to see or maybe even a stat that is not even part of the game right now.